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Crafted from the finest natural oils and carefully selected ingredients

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my passion is all about hair, skin, and beauty.
My goal is to make women feel beautiful from the outside, which will make them feel good inside too.

Award Winners

Our products are awarded the best natural products in the Middle East

Two accredited certificates

We hold two accredited certificates in good manufacturing practice in the production of cosmetics and the manufacture of medical products

100% Natural

Our products are made from one hundred percent natural materials to ensure their quality and your health

Raghad Organics lenses

Cosmetic Lenses & Cosmetic Lenses For Short-Sighted

Why Raghad Organics?


Guaranteed Trust

We are grateful for the wonderful testimonials from our happy and beloved clients.


Take Care of Your Femininity

Our products are characterized by the use of natural ingredients such as aromatics, including Gori blossom, which gives a long-lasting pleasant aroma.


High quality

Our high-quality ingredients give clear and healthy results It targets the problem directly and protects you at the same time.



Our products have been trusted in more than one country in the Middle East, including Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.